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AAMU Band Boosters Association

Bylaws Establishment

March 19, 2015

The name of this organization shall be the Alabama A&M University Band Boosters Association,
Incorporated hereafter referred to as the AAMU Band Boosters Association (AAMU BBA).


The AAMU BBA was incorporated on April 2, 2015.

SECTION 1. It shall be the primary purpose of this AAMU BBA to promote the well-being of the
AAMU Band Program.
SECTION 2. To achieve this purpose, the AAMU BBA aims to:
A. Support the AAMU Band Program financially and morally, while including associate
members and inspiring greater participation from the AAMU Band Program alumni.
a. This will be achieved through scholarships, financial assistance during marching
and concert seasons, band camp and upon the request of the band director.


SECTION 1. The AAMU BBA, shall be a non-profit, nonsectarian, and non-partisan organization.


SECTION 1. Eligibility
A. Membership is open to all former band members and associates who are supporters of
the band program.
SECTION 2. Types of Membership and Dues
A. Members in good standing are entitled to attend general and special meetings; to vote
on all questions coming before the membership; to hold office and serve on standing or
special committees.
B. Members are welcome to attend meetings of the Board and to participate in discussions
on matters before the Board, but without a vote on matters before the Board.
C. Membership dues and privileges are determined by the Board. Only those persons
whose membership is paid for the current year will be members in good standing.
D. Membership dues are collected at the beginning of the fiscal year from May through
end of April.
SECTION 3. Termination of Membership
The Board may, at its discretion, terminate the membership of any person at any time by
returning that person's current dues.

Alabama A&M University Band Boosters Association By-Laws Version 2 10JAN2021
An individual may be terminated with a hearing and thirty (30) days advance written notice
from the Board for good and sufficient cause or actions which are counter to the purposes and
interests of the AAMU BBA. Such actions require a majority vote of the Board.


SECTION 1. Officers
The elected officers shall be President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer. The appointed
advisory officer is the Parliamentarian.
SECTION 2. Executive Board
A. The Executive Board shall consist of the President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer,
Parliamentarian and Director of the Band Program.
B. The Executive Board shall meet prior to the beginning and end of the fiscal year and as
needed. A notice to every Board member shall be disseminated not less than five (5)
days prior to the meeting. Minutes shall be taken by the Secretary.
SECTION 3. Standing Committees
A. The Standing Committees are Public Relations, Fundraising By-Laws, Nominating,
Scholarship, Budget and Finance.
B. Standing Committees will meet as needed. Written reports shall be submitted to the
President no less than 7 days prior to a monthly meeting.
SECTION 4. Special Committees
The President may appoint Special Committees as needed.
A. Special Committees shall be established for designated periods of time to perform
specific tasks.
B. After completing their tasks, the committees shall report to the President.
C. Special Committee members do not have automatic voting privileges nor serve on the
Board of Directors.
SECTION 4. Committee Chairs
A. The Committee Chairs will meet a minimum of twice annually.
B. Anyone may serve in the committees if they are a financial member.
C. The quorum for transaction of business is at least half of the officers and Board
members at large.
D. Many of those Committee members present is necessary to transact any business
brought before the Board.

Alabama A&M University Band Boosters Association By-Laws Version 2 10JAN2021

SECTION 1. Fiscal Year
A. The fiscal year of AAMU BBA is May 1 through April 30.
B. If the AAMU BBA dissolves, all remaining money will be donated to the AAMU


A. The AAMU BBA shall meet on the second Sunday of each month for ten months. No
meetings will take place in May and June. The meeting notice will go out seven days prior to
the meeting. Minutes from the monthly meetings shall be provided/distributed to the
membership within fourteen (14) days following the meeting.
SECTION 2. Annual and Special Meetings
A. The Annual Meeting of the membership shall be each year in the month of May for the
election of officers, members at large and the transaction of any necessary business.
B. Special meetings of the membership may be called at the President’s discretion, direction of
the Director of the Band Program, or at the written request of at least 10% of the
membership. Notices of special meetings shall state the matters to be considered.
C. At least one week's notice of the Annual or any special meeting shall be given.
SECTION 3. Quorum
A. The quorum for transaction of business is 10% of the current financial membership.
B. A majority vote of those voting is necessary to transact any business brought before the
membership including the election of officers, except as otherwise noted in these Bylaws.
SECTION 4. Voting Privileges and Rules
A. AAMU BBA members must be in good financial standing at least sixty (60) days prior to any
election to vote in the election.
B. Voting by proxy is not allowed.
C. Voting shall be by secret ballot or by any other means voted on by the membership.
D. Any member who receives a majority of votes cast shall be declared elected.


SECTION 1. Election of Officers
A. The elected officers of AAMU BBA shall be the President, Vice-President, Secretary, and

Alabama A&M University Band Boosters Association By-Laws Version 2 10JAN2021
B. All positions are open to the AAMU BBA members during the election period. Nominations
are open to all AAMU BBA members except for the President, to which the President must
have been a member of the AAMU Band Program.
C. The elected officers shall appoint a Parliamentarian and such other officers as shall be
deemed desirable.
D. The outgoing officer will provide an orientation to the incoming officer to facilitate a smooth
transition of power. The orientation will occur during the two weeks prior to taking office.
SECTION 2. Qualifications
A. All officers shall be members in good financial standing for at least sixty (60) days prior to an
election and must be present when the election is conducted.
B. Candidates for President must have been a member of the AAMU Band Program.
C. The President may not serve as chairperson of any standing or special committee.
D. The President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer are preferred, but not required to be
in or around the city of Huntsville, Alabama; however, must be accessible to the AAMU Band
E. The Era Representatives are not deemed to be in or around the city of Huntsville; however,
must be accessible to meetings.
SECTION 2. Term of Office
A. The term of office shall be two (2) years for all elected offices with a maximum of three (3)
B. Elections will take place during the Annual Meeting of the membership in May.
C. Term of office begins two weeks after the election date (or number of days after the
D. The President and Secretary shall be elected in even years.
E. The Vice President and Treasurer shall be elected in odd years.
F. Any officer filling an unexpired term of greater than six (6) months shall be eligible for
election of two (2) full consecutive terms, with a maximum of three terms.
SECTION 3. Vacancies in Office
A. Should any office become vacant, the President shall appoint a member with the approval of
the Board to fill the vacancy until the next regular election.
B. Should any officer or Standing Committee Chairperson fail to perform the duties of that
office, the Board may request that Officer’s resignation and declare that office vacant.
SECTION 4. Duties of Elected Officers
A. President
The President is the executive officer responsible for the operation of the association.
The President:
1. Presides at meetings, calls regular or special meetings of the Board or and membership
as needed.
2. Serves as Chairperson of the Board and presides at the Annual Meeting.
3. Prepares and presents a report of the past years’ business at the Annual meeting.

Alabama A&M University Band Boosters Association By-Laws Version 2 10JAN2021
4. Appoints the chairpersons of standing or special committees.
5. The President shall not appoint nor serve as an ex-officio member of the Nominating
B. Vice President
1. Acts as President in the absence or illness of the President.
2. In the event of the President's resignation or incapacity to serve, duties shall succeed to
the Vice-President’s office until the next regular election of officers.
3. The President may delegate to the Vice President such official or other duties as deemed
necessary for the conduct of business.
4. Proposes, develops, and implements programs, projects and activities for the ensuing
D. Secretary
1. Records and presents to the membership accurate minutes of the general body meetings,
Board meetings and meetings as assigned by the President.
2. Maintains an up-to-date roster of association members, attendees, and subscribers,
which is distributed to the membership Annually.
3. Schedules general body and Board meetings and sends the invitation to attendees.
4. Sends notices and flyers; receives and distributes information from other groups and
organizations to the association members.
E. Treasurer
1. Responsible for the collection of membership dues and charges
2. Responsible for the disbursement of funds to the AAMU Band Program and for payment
of authorized expenditures.
3. Issues checks for organizational needs when presented with proper receipts and
4. Advises the Board about the finances of the organization and assists in formulating the
budgets for the regular and special activities.
5. Prepares and presents financial reports at the general body meetings, Annual meeting,
and Board meetings.


Public and Media Relations
1. Prepare, promote and make announcements on behalf of the AAMU BBA.
2. Creates a marketing strategic plan and distributes it internally and externally, through
multiple media to promote and support continuous exposure to the association, that will
encourage membership growth and retention, as well as attract funders, donors, and
3. Maintains social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Alabama A&M University Band Boosters Association By-Laws Version 2 10JAN2021
A. Fundraising Committee
1. Ensures a specific fundraising target, to identify the goal to be raised.
2. Identifies specific and potential sources of funds from a diverse mix of sources.
3. Develops a list of fundraising techniques that can be utilized by the association to boost
the treasury, assists with the raising of revenue and scholarship dollars.
B. Bylaws Committee
1. Responsible for the editing of the Bylaws.
2. The Secretary is the committee chair.
3. Financial members of the association can volunteer to be members of the committee.
4. Bylaws will be reviewed by the committee every two years to determine if any updates
are required.
5. Recommendations for updates can be submitted by the Board and financial members of
the association to the Secretary at any time.
6. The committee members will meet to discuss recommendations and conduct editing of
the Bylaws.
7. A draft version of the Bylaws will be submitted to the Board for review.
8. All financial members will receive a copy of the draft version no later than 30 days prior
to voting on the updates.
C. The Nominating Committee
1. Two months before the Annual Meeting, the President appoints a Nominating Committee and
Chairperson of three or more members of the AAMU BBA.
2. The Nominating Committee Chairperson shall accept nominations and recommendations from
members for the open offices.
3. The Nominating Committee will meet to determine eligibility of the nominees, whether
nominees will consent to serve if elected, and shall prepare a slate of candidates with
at least one nominee for each position.
4. The Nominating Committee Chairperson will contact nominees to confirm interest in
5. The Nominating Committee reports its slate of nominees for existing vacancies to the
membership two weeks prior to the Annual Meeting.
6. Additional nominations may also be made by written petition of five members or from the floor
at the Annual Meeting; provided the consent of the nominees has been obtained.
7. A majority of the votes is required for election to office.
8. In the event no candidate meets the threshold of votes, there will be a runoff election of the
top two candidates.
D. Scholarship Committee
1. Shall convene several meetings annually to meet the responsibility of scholastic awards.
The committee is charged to assist the Fundraising Committee in securing funding for
each year.
2. The committee is responsible for submitting the names and addresses of all students
requesting and receiving a scholarship application.

Alabama A&M University Band Boosters Association By-Laws Version 2 10JAN2021
3. Funds for the scholarships will be distributed by the Treasurer.
E. Budget and Finance Committee
1. Prepares and presents an annual budget to the Board for review and approval.
2. Reviews the financial procedures to achieve optimum managerial efficiency and make
recommendations to the Board for improvements and increased resources.
3. The budget shall be voted on by the membership at the Annual meeting.
SECTION 4. Grievances
1. AAMU BBA members must submit in writing to the Board any grievance at least five (5) days
prior to a meeting called to address the issue. All concerned must be given notification. If no
resolution is met, the President will act as a mediator. If a resolution is still not met, an
outside mediator will be appointed.


All meetings of the AAMU BBA shall be governed by the Parliamentary law set forth in Robert’s
Rules of Order Newly Revised on all applicable points not covered by the Bylaws.
The President shall appoint the Parliamentarian.


SECTION 1. Amendments to Bylaws
A. Amendments to these Bylaws may be made upon one month's written notice to members.
B. Any AAMU BBA member, Board member or the Bylaws Committee member may propose
amendments to the Bylaws.
C. All proposed Bylaws amendments must be presented to the Bylaws Committee Chair for
D. Where proposed changes conflict with existing Bylaws, or prohibited in any way, the members
will be notified immediately upon review.
E. This notice must state the proposed changes.
F. A two-thirds majority vote of those voting is required for adoption.


The AAMU Band Boosters Association does not unlawfully discriminate internally or externally (in
its recipients of services) on the basis of race, political orientation, religion, gender, sexual
orientation, age, national origin, ethnicity, ancestry, marital status, or any other status prohibited
by applicable law the United States.

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